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How do I know this series for me?

If you are serious about addressing metabolic disease in your dog or preventing it from happening, this series is for you; it’s the most up to date collection of information presented by the scientists doing the research.

What is the difference between this Series and the one I bought in fall of 2017?

The DVDs are the same, but certain offers and packages include additional proactive tools designed to help you intentionally create wellbeing, including 3 online coaching sessions, and membership to Inside Scoop and Longevity Junkies Club.

Is this series an online classroom?

No, but some of the special proactive tools* are interactive!

  • Coaching Sessions are in Webinar format
  • Inside Scoop Membership Site has exclusive FB Lives and roundtable discussions.
  • Bonus content & the series will be available to stream 24/7

Do I get access to the entire series all at once?

You will get digital access to the series immediately, if you purchase the gold or platinum level membership you're DVD's and paper transcripts will be shipped and delivered in May.

What if I'm not ready now? Can I buy in a few months?

You will be able to purchase this in the future, but unfortunately the price will increase and you may not get access to all of the bonus material currently or previously offered.

Will I get one-on-one coaching or feedback from Rodney and Karen?

No, but you’ll be able to submit your questions if future Coaching Sessions are offered.

Why is this program in US funds?

Since the US dollar is accepted anywhere in the world, it just made sense for us to use financial processing to accommodate our worldwide community.

What if I change my mind?  Do you have a refund policy?

No.  Because, the series is digital and includes downloadable information we are unable to offer refunds or returns.

How long do I have access to the series?

Don’t sweat it! Digital streaming is 24/7 indefinitely.

What are the topics of the 3 online Coaching Sessions and will there be more?

  • Session 1: Cyclical Ketosis for Longevity and Wellness
  • Session 2: Small Steps to Big Changes: from Kibble to Keto
  • Session 3: Fueling your Dog’s “Hybrid Engine:” Keto for Life

Additional sessions are not currently scheduled but may become available in the future!

When will Inside Scoop tart?!

Those Inside Scoop membership site is now active via Facebook or  Webhosted platforms and can be Accessed Here.

Do you have a payment program available?

We do not have a payment program available at this time. Please contact: [email protected] with any special request.

How do the “Cheat Sheets” with the pre-calculated proportions work?

When you invest in the Documentary you will find the Cheat Sheets embedded in the “How To”. The video makes it easy because you can just pause the video when your dog’s weight comes up and write down the proportions, no math required

How was the veterinary content accessed?

The veterinary version is extended footage with much more technical information. The two chapters with additional medical content can be accessed digitally, the same way you access your other digital content.

I'd love to join but have more questions, can I talk to you? 

Yes! Please ​email us at [email protected]

Will the DVDs play outside of Canada and the USA?

If you live outside of Canada and the USA, please ensure when purchasing this DVD series you own a region free dvd player that is capable of playing both NTSC/PAL formats. The DVDs can also be played on the majority of computers.

Will I be charged a Customs fee/tariff/duty/tax because the DVDs come from outside my country?(For all members living in countries other than the United States)

Most likely, yes.  Most countries charge a fee for importing the physical DVD’s. For this reason, we list $10 on the customs form we complete when we ship the DVDs to international members.

*special features are not available with every package and offer.

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We would love to help, please ​email us at [email protected]

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